Monday, 7 December 2009

Big surprises....

It's been a busy few weeks here we've had the most amazing surprise ever.... we found out a couple of weeks ago that we are having a baby. I know big shock but that wasn't the biggest surprise.... the baby is due in March so only 3 months to prepare. People keep asking how i didn't no but I've been fine none of the usual signs.

We had the scan last week and it was fantastic, we could see every little detail although we didn't get to find out the sex as the baby had it's legs up hiding. Never mind, baby is fine so
that's all that matters.

They could only fit babies head and Tummy on the picture with me being 26 wks.

I'm so excited and I'm having so much fun looking at all the the little clothes and things for the babies room.

So with all that going on i haven't had time to blog about the 1st birthday cake we did at the beginning of of November. It turned out fab, we were so pleased with the final product, lots of hard work went into it but it was all worth it when we saw the customers reaction. She loved it and so did everyone at the party (we got an invite). It was nice to get feedback from so many people.

We also held our ladies night a couple of weeks ago which was really good, the Christmas Fairy Cakes went down very well, as did our new recipe Raspberry and White Chocolate Biscuits.... yummy.

We're not doing too much at the moment as we have a lot to prepare for the new arrival as well as getting organised for Christmas. I will get some pictures of our Christmas range on here soon.