Saturday, 20 March 2010

Growing up so fast!

So I'm lovin being a Mummy and i always thought people who said they couldn't stop staring at there babies were a little crazy but I'm finding myself doing exactly that, i can't keep my eyes off my beautiful little princess. She seems to be growing up so fast, i can't believe she's a month old today. We took her to Graves Park yesterday to see the farm animals and although she slept until we got back to the car and missed it all we still had a fab time. We saw a lamb being born, lots of little piglets and some very photogenic sheep.

When I'm not being one of those crazy baby staring ladies I'm cooking up lots of ideas for the business, i have all these wonderful creations running through my head and i can't wait to put them into practice. I'm going to try out a few idea's next week for photo purposes so the diet will of course go out of the window as someone has got to eat the fairy cakes.... right?!

Also been raking my brains for advertising ideas and where to get our name out there locally without spending too much money.... so if any of you have any ideas I'd love to hear them.