Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween...

Yesterday's Halloween fair at our local Hospital went really well, we'd almost sold out by 12. We had a very busy day on Friday baking and decorating all the cakes and biscuits that there wasn't time to carve the pumpkin so it had to be send up to my dad to do and i think he's made a fab job. I would just like to take some credit for the pumpkin as it was grown by me, not that i did a lot apart from put the seed in the ground.

Here's a few photo's from the fair, although the photo's aren't very good and i couldn't help getting the TV in on the picture of the stall.

The biscuits turned out really good, i didn't get chance to take a photo before they went in the bags though.

And here are the fairy cakes, again not the best photo's.

I can't believe Halloween is nearly over it's definitely my favourite time of year. We now have to start getting creative with the Christmas idea's.
Our big project for next week is a 1st Birthday cake and fairy cakes all pink and Princess like all my favourite things. I'm going to make sure it's all done in time for plenty of photo's.
Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Halloween Fairy Cakes

So here they are the practice run Halloween fairy cakes made for my Bf's Nephews Birthday and I'm really pleased with the outcome. They went as fast as we could put them on the plate and i got some lovely comments from the 8 and 9 year old party guests, which was very nice as I've found kids to be the biggest critics.

I've got lots more idea's up my sleeve for the Halloween Fair at my local Hospital on the 30th, can't wait to get baking and decorating. Also I've got some Halloween biscuit cutters to experiment with so I'll put some more pictures on when there done.

Today is a small last minute order, lots of mini fairy cakes which i love to do as they are so cute.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Wonderful Holiday....

All refreshed and ready for lots of baking and card making after a wonderful weekend away in Northumberland. The weather was wonderful quite windy on Saturday but the sun was still out and not too cold for October. I really didn't want to leave the sea behind, i could sit forever and watch the waves crashing. Here's a few pictures, all took by me which I'm very proud of as it's the first time I've really tried to get any decent shots, my bf and dad are very good at photography so for them to say they are good means i just had to show them off!!

That's enough of my holiday snaps!

Scrumptious Treats has got a very busy few weeks ahead which I'm looking forward to, a baby shower this week, a wedding next week and then a Halloween fair in a couple of weeks and our usual venue Matlock Farmers market on 17th October. We're really looking forward to doing all the Halloween cakes and biscuits, I've got lots of ideas just hope they turn out as good as they look in my head.
The few weeks before i went away i gave the cakes a break and got stuck into making cards which I've not done for a couple of months now, the only problem is when i get started i can't seem to stop, it's very addictive.

Here's a couple of my makes....

You can't really tell on the photo but the new home is hand sewn, as are the door hinges, handle and windows.

More pictures coming soon of yummy cakes and a seek preview of the Halloween cakes as I'm baking some next week for my bf's nephews birthday party.