Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Just a quick post...

So its been over a week since the fair at The Van Dyk Hotel in Chesterfield, the venue was beautiful and the toilets were so posh (everyone commented on the toilets, strange i know) but unfortunately we had very few customers through the door. Fortunately for us the stallholders got peckish so we sold something a least. Very annoying as so many people put a lot of work into there craft and no one came to see them, more annoying for us we spent our weekend baking only to have to give a lot away. On a brighter note we were sat between two fantastic ladies, one who made cards and the other made bags both lovely crafts, we had a giggle and a gossip which got us through the day.

This weekend we are back at our favourite venue
Matlock Farmers Market, lovely people and lots of yummy produce. It is very hard to resist sampling and buying from every stall.


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