Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Wonderful Holiday....

All refreshed and ready for lots of baking and card making after a wonderful weekend away in Northumberland. The weather was wonderful quite windy on Saturday but the sun was still out and not too cold for October. I really didn't want to leave the sea behind, i could sit forever and watch the waves crashing. Here's a few pictures, all took by me which I'm very proud of as it's the first time I've really tried to get any decent shots, my bf and dad are very good at photography so for them to say they are good means i just had to show them off!!

That's enough of my holiday snaps!

Scrumptious Treats has got a very busy few weeks ahead which I'm looking forward to, a baby shower this week, a wedding next week and then a Halloween fair in a couple of weeks and our usual venue Matlock Farmers market on 17th October. We're really looking forward to doing all the Halloween cakes and biscuits, I've got lots of ideas just hope they turn out as good as they look in my head.
The few weeks before i went away i gave the cakes a break and got stuck into making cards which I've not done for a couple of months now, the only problem is when i get started i can't seem to stop, it's very addictive.

Here's a couple of my makes....

You can't really tell on the photo but the new home is hand sewn, as are the door hinges, handle and windows.

More pictures coming soon of yummy cakes and a seek preview of the Halloween cakes as I'm baking some next week for my bf's nephews birthday party.

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